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Bel Air Homes Hints and Tips For Vendors And Buyers

Helpful information based on our experience of selling property in France, and Brittany in particular.

Bel Air Homes est une agence immobilière enregistrée et assurée en France, et membre de la FNAIM (Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier).


Bel Air Homes is a fully French registered and insured estate agency, and a member of FNAIM ( Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier ), the national association of estate agents.

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Commission 2.5 %

Pourquoi acheter avec une agence à frais trop élevés ?

Achetez votre futur bien immobilier avec Bel Air Homes, parce que notre commission est seulement 2,5% TTC.

La commission d’autres agences varient entre 5% et 10%, avec une moyenne de 8%.

Il est donc dans votre intérêt de demander à l’agent immobilier AVANT de visiter le montant de la commission à leur régler, si vous décidez de procéder à l'achat du bien immobilier !

Why buy through a high commission agency ?

It will always be a good idea to buy your property in Brittany with Bel Air Homes, as our sales commission is just 2.5 % including VAT.

Other agencies charge varying commission rates, typically between 5% and 10 %, with the average being around 8%.

It is therefore well worth asking an agent BEFORE viewing how much commission they will be asking you to pay them, should you proceed with the purchase of the property !

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Commission 2.5 %

Economisez le coût d'une nouvelle voiture.

Si vous achetez votre bien immobilier en France avec Bel Air Homes, vous pourriez aussi économiser assez d'argent pour vous acheter une nouvelle voiture !

Lorsque le vendeur d'un bien reçoit 150 000 €, vous auriez à nous régler une commission de 2,5%, ce qui représente 3 750 € TTC.

Avec une agence à frais élevés demandant 8%, vous auriez à régler 12 000 € !!!

Les agences immobilières en France proposent les biens en vente FAI - frais d'agence inclus.

C’est une des raisons pour lesquelles vous verrez le même bien proposé à différents prix.

Il est donc dans l'intérêt des acquéreurs de demander à l’agent immobilier le montant de la commission qu'il a ajouté AVANT de visiter.

Save yourself the cost of a new car.

If you buy your property in France with Bel Air Homes, you could save enougth money to buy yourself a new car too !

Where the vendor of a property receives 150 000 euros, you would pay Bel Air Homes 2.5% commission, which is 3 750 euros including VAT.

With a high commission agency charging 8%, you would need to pay 12 000 euros !!!

That is a difference of 8 250 euros.

Estate agencies in France advertise properties with their commission included (FAI - frais d'agence inclus).

This is one reason why the same property may be seen advertised for sale at different asking prices.

It is therefore in the interest of all buyers to ask an estate agent how much commission they have added BEFORE viewing a property.

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Bretagne Brittany http://www.properties-brittany.com/

Tips For Vendors :

First Impressions - exterior

Given that a potential buyer may decide whether they like a property, or not, within the first few seconds of their arrival for a viewing, first impressions are very important.

A well maintained garden, with hedges, walls, fences, gates, driveways and paths in good order, and a house with clean windows, will add to the appeal of a property for potential buyers, and it need not be expensive to present a property at its best.

First Impressions - interior

People like to live in light, bright, and airy properties that feel spacious.

Vendors should therefore consider removing any heavy curtains from windows that obscure natural light, and painting dark coloured walls a lighter colour to reflect light.

Clean and tidy rooms that have been decluttered, and had a lot of personal possessions removed, will allow potential buyers to see how much space is available for their lifestyle, and their own furniture and possessions.

Pets And Animals

Many potential buyers will love animals, but not all, and some may well be frightened of a barking dog that jumps up to greet them for instance.

It is therefore better if dogs are not present at a viewing, and if a property includes a field and/or outbuildings for horses and other animals, it may be better that theses animals are secured for the duration of the viewing so that potential buyers can concentrate on what they are there for.

Your Bel Air Homes Agent

Your Bel Air Homes Agent is the best person to conduct the viewing, given that they will have the experience of selling properties, and therefore the ability to advise potential buyers.

Your Bel Air Homes Agent has the support of FNAIM ( Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier ), the national association of estate agents, and the advantage of working with other property professionals on a daily basis, who can provide specialist services where necessary.

Allowing potential buyers to view a property with your Bel Air Homes Agent is the best way for them to get a sense of what it might be like to live at a property, rather than what it is like to be there as an invited guest.

Your Bel Air Homes Agent would have gathered most of the relevant information concerning a property from the vendor and other sources prior to marketing the property, though it can he helpful if vendors are nearby to answer any questions, but not essential.


A DPE (diagnostic de performance énergétique) is required before we are permitted to advertise a property with a fixed heating system for sale. The DPE gives the estimated energy consumption (consommations énergétiques), and greenhouse gas emissions (emissions de gaz à effet de serre) for the property.

  • https://www.allodiagnostic.com/diagnostic-immobilier/
  • It is far better if a vendor has all of the other pre-sale diagnostics, the DDT (Dossier de Diagnostic Technique), carried out when we begin marketing a property. Some vendors choose to wait to have all of the pre-sales diagnostics carried out until they have an offer from a buyer though, as some of these diagnostics have a limited period of validity.

    The notaire requires the pre-sale diagnostics before being able to prepare a compromis de vente, or promesse de vente, and as there are usually anomalies discovered on most properties, however small, it is far better to be discussing any anomalies with a potential buyer before any offer is made, rather than after, to ensure a smooth sale.

    We can arrange to have these diagnostics carried out for vendors if they wish.


    Should a property require any repairs, or if it has development potential, it is often a good idea for vendors to obtain quotes (devis) for these works, as it can reassure potential buyers, and help them consider how much to offer for a property.

    If works have already been carried out at a property by registered and insured artisans, it can be a good idea for vendors to make the invoices (factures) available during a viewing, by leaving copies on a kitchen table for example.

    Accepting An Offer

    It is well worth remembering that once a vendor accepts an offer for their property it is binding, so the property is deemed to be off the market at that point.

    Your Bel Air Homes Agent will then prepare the dossier for the notaire, and the notaire will then draft the compromis de vente, or promesse de vente, ready for both vendor and buyer to sign. This process generally takes a couple of weeks.

    Capital Gains Tax On Property Sales

    A vendor will only be liable for capital gains tax (plus-values immobilières) on the sale of their property if it is not their main residence, and they have made a profit, or capital gain.

    The rate payable is total of 34.5%, which is made up of 19% capital gains tax (plus-values immobilières), plus 15.5% social charges (prélèvements sociaux).

    There are exemptions and allowances that apply, and some costs that are deductible, such as improvements to a property by registered artisans. It is worth noting that maintenance works carried out at a property would not be deductible.

    The relevant expert for capital gains tax is the local notaire, as they work closely with the local tax office, and it is the notaire who calculates the amount of capital gains tax to pay, if any, based on the circumstances of the vendor, and the invoices (factures) submitted by the vendor.

    There are many free capital gains tax simulators available on the internet, including one on the Notaires de France website.

  • http://plus-values.notaires.fr/simulateur/index.xhtml
  • A more detailed explanation of capital gains tax ( in French) is available on the same website.

  • http://www.notaires.fr/fr/les-plus-values-immobili%C3%A8res
  • When Is The Best Time To Sell Property In Brittany?

    The property market in Brittany is very active throughout the year, and properties sell well in every single month.

    It can be a little quieter in January, but this has not been the case in 2017.

    It can also be a little quieter for a week or so just after the return to work and school in early September ( La rentrée ).

    The property market in Brittany is at its busiest in July and August, as Brittany is a major tourist destination, and there are plenty of potential buyers on holiday here during these months.

    Any time of year is therefore a good time to offer property for sale. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We do not ask for exclusivity when selling a property, as we believe that exclusivity only limits the exposure of a property to potential buyers.

    Our services are free to vendors, and we are only paid on results.

    With a large advertising budget, and large overheads, we are highly motivated to sell every property in our sales portfolio.

    Tips For Buyers :

    Your Property Search

    Your Bel Air Homes Agent has visited every property that we have for sale, so we can save buyers plenty of time searching for properties, and buyers can avoid wasting time viewing properties that do not meet their requirements.

    Once we know your search criteria, we can offer you our best possible service.

    Location Of The Property

    It is a good idea for buyers to search for property across a wide area of Brittany to have the best possible choice of properties, rather than a specific location, unless it is important to live close to a certain town for example.

    It is also important for buyers to let us know if a rural, village, or town location would better suit their lifestyle, whether they require local services such as schools, or if they have any specific requirements such as not wanting close neighbours.

    We are happy to describe the location of any particular property honestly and fairly, but it is our policy not to reveal the exact location of any property by giving the coordinates, cadastral reference, or address.

    There are two main reasons.

    Firstly, many owners ask us not to reveal the exact location of their property because;

    1. They want to maintain their privacy.

    2. They prefer to use the professional services of an estate agency when dealing with potential buyers.

    3. They are elderly, or ill.

    4. The house is a second home, and empty for long periods of time.

    5. They have moved away from the area, and the house is empty.

    Secondly, estate agencies that have put in a lot of hard work, and paid out a fortune in publicity, really do not like identifying the exact location of a property until the viewing, as they risk losing their commission.

    Style Of The Property

    Brittany has several styles of property built at diffferent periods in time for buyers to choose from, including longères built from stone, rural properties or town houses built from stone or from concrete blocks, néo-bretonne houses built from concrete blocks, and new builds.

    Something to suit everyone's taste and requirements really.

    Size Of The Property

    The required size of a property to consider will depend on such criteria as its living space (surface habitable), and the number of bedrooms, receptions, and bathrooms needed. Buyers should also consider whether they require a loft area, a basement, or outbuildings, and very importantly how much land they would like.

    Property is relatively inexpensive in Brittany, so buyers do have a wide range of options open to them.

    Condition Of The Property

    Properties are available in a variety of conditions, from complete renovation projects, to properties with little or nothing to do, so buyers will make their property search much easier if they decide how much work they are prepared to do, or have carried out by professionals at their new property, in advance of any viewings.


    From April 1st 2017, estate agents in France, including Bel Air Homes, are required to display more information concerning their commission and fees. Where the buyer pays the fees, which is by far the most common way that property is purchased, the sales publicity must display the asking price including the fees, the percentage of fees payable including VAT (honoraires), clearly state that the fees are included, and are payable by the buyer (inclus charge acquéreur), and then show the amount before the fees have been added (hors honoraires). Where the vendor is paying the agency fees, estate agents are required to display the asking price, and clearly state that the fees are payable by the vendor (honoraires charge vendeur).

    Bel Air Homes has a very low rate of commission of just 2.5% (minimum 2 500 euros), while some of the high commission estate agencies may charge as much as 10% commission, and have a much higher minimum.

    This is one reason why the same property can appear for sale at different asking prices on different estate agents' websites. Therefore one important thing for a buyer to consider when deciding upon the budget for a property purchase, is how much they are prepared to spend on agency commission.

    There are also fees to pay to the notaire when purchasing property. These are sometimes known as notaire's fees, but the biggest proportion of this fee is a registration fee payable to the French state. Buyers should allow around 6.50% to 10.50% of the purchase price in Brittany for these fees, but typically between 7% and 8% for a family home.

    There are no other costs for buyers when purchasing a property, except of course for the cost of any improvements that they may choose to make.


    It is possible for potential buyers to obtain a free mortgage simulation (mortgage in principal) based on their personal financial circumstances before beginning a property search, but a formal offer will not be made in France until after a compromis de vente, or promesse de vente, has been signed.

    There is a list of providers of mortgages, loans, and home finance on the Angloinfo Brittany website that may be useful.

  • https://www.angloinfo.com/brittany/directory/brittany-mortgages-loans-home-finance-353
  • Making An Offer

    Your Bel Air Homes Agent will negotiate the sale of the property with vendors and buyers. Offers can be subject to certain conditions, such as the need to obtain mortgage finance for example.

    Buyers should be in a position to purchase property before making an offer, as once a vendor has accepted an offer, they cannot accept another. Buyers should therefore have the funds available from the sale of a property or from savings, or have the agreement of their bank that mortgage finance will be available before making an offer on a property.

    A formal mortgage agreement cannot be made by a bank until after the compromis de vente, or promesse de vente has been signed though.

    It may therefore be difficult for buyers to have an offer accepted by a vendor if they need to fund the purchase with the sale of another property.

    The Housing Market In Brittany

    Following the result of the referendum, the UK is negotiating with the EU, and it seems that there will be a vote in the UK Parliament once a possible deal has been reached.

    After this period of negotiation there may of course be a general election in the UK where one party offers voters the chance to remain in the EU in their manifesto, or possibly a second referendum on the deal with the EU.

    The UK government is now seeking a transitional deal with the EU to last at least 2 years after the date the UK has set to leave the EU, which is the 29th of March 2019.

    This 2 year period can be extended, or may need to be, given the complexity of the negotiations.

    The current situation though is that the UK remains a member of the EU, and given recent developments, little may change until at least 2022.

    As there is currently some uncertainty, this may lead to some UK potential buyers delaying their decision to purchase property in Brittany, though it may encourage other UK potential buyers to proceed faster while the UK remains a member of the EU. In any case, there are many properties owned by non-EU citizens in Brittany, so there should be no reason for UK nationals to be too concerned.

    It has been reported that a study of UK potential buyers of property in the eurozone showed that 65 % were not put off by the result of the referendum, and 22% did indeed see it as an incentive to proceed more quickly with their plans.

    It also showed that the number of UK buyers buying French property remained pretty stable in 2015 and 2016, with around one third of non-resident foreign buyers being from the UK.

    UK potential buyers, and UK expat vendors are only one part of the housing market in Brittany however, as there are French and EU citizens from other countries constantly wishing to buy and sell property in this region.

    The housing market in general remains very active. Plenty of properties sell all the time, but there are many more properties for sale than potential buyers, so a competitive asking price for any property is absolutely key to attract these potential buyers.

    This oversupply in the market has seen property prices in Brittany fall around 30% from their peaks in 2008.

    Property in Brittany therefore offers incredible value for money, as it is very much a buyers’ market, and interest rates are at a record low.

    It is a great time to snap up a bargain.

    Notre Publicité Comprend / Our Publicity Includes

    Notre Publicité / Our Publicity - Bel Air Homes

  • Notre Publicité / Our Publicity

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